A child needs you as a friend!

The Coweta County School System’s Mentor Program is seeking committed citizens who would like to make a difference in a child’s life and education.

What is a Mentor?

A mentor is a trusted friend who is committed and dedicated to making a difference in a child's life. A mentor creates experiences which will help the child feel valued, supported, and encouraged. What are a mentor's responsibilities?

A mentor accepts the child as he/she is. A mentor becomes a special friend and builds self-esteem. The mentor and the child may spend an hour each week reading a book, playing an educational game, or just talking. The student, the mentor, and the teacher set the agenda together! With what kind of child does a mentor work?

All children can benefit from their relationship with mentors. However, since we don't have enough mentors, we must be selective about who is paired with a mentor. Children who are assigned mentors are those who seem to need a little extra something. Their parents or teachers may ask for someone to assist the child with reading or writing or they may seek someone who can help the child develop hobbies. The chosen students may simply need the extra companionship of a responsible adult. How much time is involved?

A mentor is asked to visit a child for only one hour per week in the school setting. In order to avoid disappointments to the child, we ask that the mentors make a commitment to participate for a minimum of one school year. Are there special qualifications/training to become a mentor?

Mentoring has a place for you even if you don't have a special talent or skill. Your hobby or work may lend excitement or have special appeal as a learning experience for a student. Sharing your time and listening to your student can have a powerful impact on both your lives. Mentors may not have a criminal background. Who benefits?

Everyone does! Your involvement will bring you a great deal of personal satisfaction. Mentoring will add to your life. You will make new friends and feel the pleasure of helping others. Most of all, the students benefit. They receive more individual attention, and they learn to work with and communicate with caring adults. At the same time they learn about their community and themselves. How do you become a mentor?

Attend a one-hour orientation.