Parents Say:

Wonderful program! Great instructional program that uses songs and movement to teach.

The children don't even realize they are learning. The Puddle Jumper program helped my daughter to listen, follow directions, and gave her the opportunity to play with other children.

My daughter is so proud to be a "Puddle Jumper." She shows everyone her artwork and sings the songs at the grocery store. She loves her Puddle Jumper Boots!

What is Puddle Jumper program?

The Puddle Jumper program is a "mommy and me" program designed for two and three year olds. The program is a partnership between the Stepping Stones Early Intervention project and the Coweta County School System Title I program. The goal of the program is to teach moms and dads skills that will help them learn to interact more effectively with their preschoolers. These skills will help their preschooler be better prepared for the early years of learning.


Each week the toddlers explore with manipulatives and participate in a large group activity with songs and stories. They spend time in the Motor Skills Room where there are activities that the children do to build their large muscles using various types of play equipment. The moms and dads interact with the children as they go from activity to activity. In the Messy Play Room the children work on their small muscles with activities such as painting, playing with sand, and play dough. Each week the parents and toddlers end with parachute activities and a take home bag which includes a book and an item that reinforces the learning focus of the day.


The Puddle Jumper program is for children ages 2 to 3. There are two series of classes. The first series is six weeks long and focuses on colors. A different color is taught each week. At the end of this series the students are awarded their well deserved Puddle Jumper boots.

The second series is four weeks long and focuses on basic shapes. A different shape is taught each week. At the end of this series the students are awarded a certificate of completion.

Classes are held at the Coweta County Parent Resource Center. They last for approximately 1 1/2 hours. Class sizes are limited so parents should call Janie Cantrell at 770-254-1985 to enroll. Classes are held from August to May and there is no charge.


From downtown Newnan take LaGrange Street to Nimmons Street. The Parent Resource Center will be on the right side of the street just before Atkinson Elementary School. It is a white house with a large front porch. Additional parking is available behind the center.


The Parent Resource Center is located next to Atkinson Elementary School. The Center offers classes for parents and their pre-school children.