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Title III ESOL Program
The English to Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) program is offered to all English Learners (ELs) who meet the eligibility criteria. This program aids in the success of an English Learner in an English-speaking classroom. In the Coweta County School System (CCSS), our goal is to have students succeed in all four language domains (speaking, listening, reading, and writing) both academically and socially. The responsibility for the English Learner’s success in language and academic content is shared by regular classroom teachers, ESOL teachers, and ESOL support staff who all plan collaboratively to determine instructional accommodations needed to make language and content as comprehensible as possible throughout the whole school day for English Learners. As a result, all teachers function as language teachers when English Learners are enrolled in their classes. ESOL teachers have proper ESOL endorsements from the Georgia Professional Standards Commission.

Inquiries about ESOL services should be directed to the Principal or ESOL teacher at the appropriate school, or to:

Coweta County School System
237 Jackson Street
Newnan, Georgia 30263

ESOL Newsletter

6 months ago

What is ESOL

You might be wondering what exactly is the ESOL Program and why is your child part of it. If you are new to Coweta County when you registered you filled out a Home Language Survey which is required by the state.
On it are three important questions:

  • Which language does your child              best understand and speak?
  • Which language does your child most frequently speak at home?
  • Which language do adults in your home most frequently use when speaking with your child?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions,  we are required to give your child the W-APT screener test to see if your child qualifies for ESOL support. These services will help your child with their academic language as well as their daily  language.

Parent Connect
Issue 1 August/September 2019

Attendance...It's Important

Attendance can make the difference between graduating from high school and dropping out.  At school  they’re always talking about the importance of attendance, but the message is more important when you support it at home. At home you can talk about how important it is to show up on time; whether its at school, a job or an appointment.  By attending class regularly, your child is more likely to keep up with the daily lessons and assignments and take quizzes on time. 

Other benefits as well are:

  • Being part of the school community—By being present your child is learning how to be a good citizen by participating in a school community and learning social skills.
  • Exposure to the English Language—Regular attendance can help students who are learning English by giving them the chance to excel in the skills and information they need more quickly and accurately.
  • Achievement–Students who attend school regularly  are more likely to pass reading and math assessments than those who don’t attend  school regularly

How you can help...

  • Help your child get to school on time every day.
  • If your child is out sick send in a note when he returns.
  • Stay involved with your child’s daily experiences.
  • Keep updated on school events and announcements.
  • Create a restful environment so they are ready for the school day

Arnco Sargent: Jolene Jackson
Atkinson: Emorie Vasquez
Brooks: Elizabeth Darnell
Canongate: Sandy Rodes
JP: Crystal St. John/Meredith Clark
Moreland: Jennifer Pitts
Newnan Crossing: Melissa Lipsey
Ruth Hill: Amber Rhodes
Welch: Lori Beuttenmiller/Donna Work
White Oak: Tambra Jackson/Tiffany Hill
Willis Rd: Kerry Singleton
Arnall: Carolyn Martin
Evans: Marilyn Stamps
ECHS: Dana Dobbs/Therese Murrock
NHS: Melinda Stuart
NGHS: Margaret Wood 

Director : Julie Raschen
Secretary: Lisa Davis
Parent Liaison/Interpreter (Spanish)
Marissé S. McClain