June 9, 2015 Board Meeting
Jackson Street – 6:30 p.m.

Call to Order


Moment of Silence

Approve Agenda
6/9/15 Agenda

Approve Minutes
5/12/15 minutes
6/1/15 called minutes

Board Committee Reports

Action Items Group I

IA - Adopt Tentative FY2016 Budget
Action Item Group IA
BUD2016 Tentative

IB -  Approve FY2015 Local Board Governance Training Report
Action Item Group IB
LBG Completed Training Report DOE

IC - Approve FY2016 GSBA Membership Dues
Action Item Group IC
GSBA FY2016 Membership Dues

ID - Approve FY2016 GSBA eBoard Module Subscriptions and Maintenance Service
Action Item Group ID
GSBA FY2016 Policy Maintenance Invoice
eBoard Price Quote

IE - Approve Annual Subscription to SafeSchools Training Program and SDS Mgmt System
Action Item Group IE
CCSS SafeSchools Renewal Invoice

Action Items Group II - Bids

IIA - Approve SFS Bids for Food and Non-Food Items for 2015-2016
Action Item Group IIA
SNP Bid Tabulation SY2015

IIB - Approve Bid for Westside Burwell Mods Renov
Action Item Group IIB

Bid Tabulation

IIC - Approve Custodial and Light Maintenance Bid
Action Item Group IIC

Custodial and Light Maintenance Bid

Action Items Group III - Trips
Action Item Group III
ECHS trip
ECHS trip 2

NGHS trip
SRMS trip

Superintendent Reports
Superintendent's Report Green Sheet

Administrative Services
Attendance Report Ninth 2014-15
School Council Reports
Facilities Construction Report
Vehicles Needed

Financial Report FY2014 May
Financial Report FY2015 May
Sales Tax FY2015 May
Sales Tax Comparison FY2015 May

Public Comment

Board Comments

Executive Session

Open Session

Approve Board Report

Approve Executive Session Minutes